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AG was created by Yul Ku in 2000, a pioneer in the denim industry. In 2008 the denim company was taken over by Yul’s son, Samuel. AG’s evolution from exclusively premium denim brand to a contemporary lifestyle brand began when Samuel took over as the brand’s Creative Director. AG Jeans are your new go-to denim because their styles are chic, sophisticated, and classic. 


Zadig & Voltaire:

Zadig & Voltaire was founded by Thierry Gittier and designed in Paris. The brand invents a diverse universe that thrives in the in-between. The Parisian fashion house redefines modern femininity with wild, free, and rock-fueled wardrobe essentials that embody the strength and sensuality found in the rough and undone. The label is inspired by literary and art world icons from 18th century writer Voltaire to musical muses Pattie Smith, Marianne Faithfull, and Jane Birkin. Zadig & Voltaire is the perfect brand for anyone who marches to their own beat, embraces innovation and ignores labels.


M.i.H. Jeans

M.i.h is a label out of the UK that stands for “Made in Heaven” which was the first British Denim label. Chloe Lonsdale, Founder and Chief Creative Executive, re-launched the denim brand that her grandfather had originally started. They have a “sustainability manifesto” and in 2018 alone they sourced 50% of cotton across collections from more sustainable sources including organic and BCI (Better Cotton), use water-reducing laser technology for 80% of their denim washes, and introduced recycled brand labels and leather patches. M.i.h believes that we should all be asking questions about the impact of our clothes, and where they come from. From seeking traceable cotton to partnerships with their garment workers, M.i.h pursues transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain. They are especially concerned with knowing where their cotton comes from and how it is grown. They seek to ensure that humans and environmental conditions are the best they can be!


Stevie May:

Stevie May is hand crafted in Bryon Bay, Australia. It is designed for the universal explorer and the pieces hold a relaxed silhouette with boundless feminism and are made with delicate raw materials, textures and trimmings. The Stevie May woman has a nonchalant attitude, she has a spirit of confidence, a unique effortlessness about her. Untroubled by conformity, she loves to style eclectically combining all things she desires as a woman. The attention to detail in Stevie May pieces separates them from the rest of the crowd.


27 Miles Malibu:

27 Miles Malibu was created by husband and wife duo, Ernie and Emily Vallorano. The brand was inspired by the scenic beauty along the 27 miles of Malibu coastline that ultimately inspired the couple to move there. Their pieces are comprised of fine and quality cashmere that offer modern silhouettes and infused with vintage undercuts. 27 Miles Malibu adds edge to a classic style or couples boho with a tinge of Rock N’ Roll. The brand remains fun and fresh and speaks to the young at heart with an old soul.


Ampersand as apostrophe:

Ampersand as Apostrophe was created by Jessica Park, who practices creative minimalism in her bags. Park was an architecture major turned interiors major turned multi-faceted artist so it was instinctual for her to employ a feeling of paradoxical form and function in her designs. Ampersand as Apostrophe’s preferred method of solving design challenges is to refine what’s there instead of focusing on what’s not. These bags are part rustic and part design with an emphasis on conscious glossy chic. The minimalistic qualities of Park’s designs make them the perfect everyday bag.



Sundry was founded by Matthieu Leblan, who grew up in the French Mediterranean which inspires much of his clothing. Sundry collections are coastal casual with a certain French chic; they reflect romance, getaways and vacations. Sundry believes that color, quality, and the softest touch of fabrics keeps one in great spirits, and we couldn’t agree more.


Lauren Moshi:

Lauren Moshi creates pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Every design is hand drawn by Lauren. The pieces are targeted towards women who appreciate the finer details, intricate designs, and who aren’t afraid to have a little fun with their clothing.


EB DEnim:

EB Denim was created by Elena Bonvicini, who is a 19 year old student at the University of Southern California. The first pair Elena made utilized men’s Levis that she turned into women’s pants. The label offers reinvented vintage 501 Levi’s with reinvented pockets. Their unique and vintage look will have people turning heads.


Van Palma:

Van Palma, entirely created in France, offers classic yet bohemian styles that are all about the details. The designs are inspired from road trips to Venice to Palm Springs and Los Angeles to Coachella. Their goal is to expose the beauty of nature through their use of vibrant colors and embroideries.


One Teaspoon:

Jamie Blakey started the Australian cult label in 2000 by designing clothes she would want to wear herself. Blakey’s goal is creating clothing that is fantastically rebellious, sex-infused old school Rock & Roll glamour. Each collection is both edgy and wearable, and reinvents both old and modern silhouettes. One Teaspoon is the epitome of rebellious cool.



Lollia is a line of candles and diffusers created by Margot Elena and made in Colorado. The candles are filled with lovely details, blushing fragrances and flirtatious touches. Lollia is inspired by signature mix and match patterns and fresh picked color palettes.



Daydreamer was founded by Laura Glover and inspired by Laura’s story of moving from her hometown of Chicago to the LA style scene as well as her belief of living in the moment. The line offers a mix of free spirit attitude and iconic artists that come together to make clothes meant to make you feel something. The Daydreamer women know who they are. They indulge in serendipity. They say yes just to see where it takes them. They’re women and girls that take the risk and go for it. Just like Laura, they eventually find their way to their destination, but maybe with a few fun detours first.


Vanessa Mooney:

Created by Vanessa Mooney and hand crafted in Los Angeles, the jewelry line draws influence from a multitude of eras, revolutions, and walks of life. The pieces vary from vintage nostalgia to sophisticated simplicity. Commonly known as the “jewelry for lovers”.



Created by Tracey Graves and hand crafted in Maine, the jewelry pieces remind you to find joy in the little things… a word that becomes a mantra, a place you wish to remember, a gentle nudge to pick you up, a deep breath, a person you hold in your heart, or a date you will never forget.



MinkPink was created by Rachel Evans and was born from a desire to create the ultimate wardrobe. The brand has an in-house team of 10 designers and each pieces has their trademark sense of style.


Show me your mumu:

The brand was started by Cammy and Cologne whose original idea is that ideally a mumu needed to be “baggy and short, flattering and girly, but not so much as to swallow you whole”, and so the they decided to create their own. The two friends quite their day jobs in New York and moved to California to recreate the mumu. Mumu girls are carefree adventurers who dream and live spontaneously.


east n’ west label:

The label was founded by designer and sister duo, Brittany and Madison Cerullo, who wanted to create apparel that you can wear anywhere. Their pieces are staples that you can wear to a bar in Brooklyn, a pool party in LA, or the first thing you pack for your trip to Greece.


8 other reasons:

8 Other Reasons jewelry offers fun and eye catching designs. The brand believes that diversity in design, quality and affordability are all of equal importance. The 8 Other Reasons girl is unapologetically sexy, a “baller bohemian”, and the life of the party.


good hyouman:

Started by Brett Novek in 2011 in honor of his late father. Novek’s mission is to do something that makes you, and those around you feel good! Good hYOUman partners with organizations and individuals who facilitate their mission of giving back and doing good everyday. Past collaborations include: Stand Up to Cancer, The Giving Keys, Race to Erase MS, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and BOO2 Bullying. These insanely comfortable clothes are great for wearing around town or to your favorite workout class.



This jewelry label is handmade in Los Angeles and created by Cyntia Kozak Fisher. It is a family run business that is owned and operated by husband and wife Cyntia and Greg Fisher. The pieces are unique, delicate, and designed to be worn everyday. Raw materials are used to produce Kozakh jewelry and are carefully sourced from reputable fair trade suppliers. Their jewelry is gold filled or sterling silver and use hand cut semi-precious and precious gemstones, it is the perfect jewelry for people with sensitive skin!


the east order:

The East Order creates fresh off-duty classics that celebrate the female form. Each piece is designed to be an individual addition to one’s style, created for one’s own interpretation. The East Order is designed by Cassie Vecchione in Byron Bay, Australia. Their goal is to create high quality pieces at accessible prices.


La maison talulah:

La Maison Talulah is an Australian womenswear company that delivers romance and confidence through each design. Their dresses provide elegance without all of the effort, and fashion without all the fuss. For the Talulah woman, her wardrobe is only the start of the conversation.



In ancient Sanskrit the word Raga means both melody and color, a raga is believed to have the power to paint the spirit of the lives it touches. The brand Raga encourages women to paint the world with their authenticity. It was crated by the Krishan family who are originally from India and now live in Southern California. Raga celebrates the convergence of the East and West, and is fit for the modern bohemian.


turquoise & Tobacco:

Turquoise + Tobacco jewelry is made of quality sourced, hand-picked natural gemstones, genuine leather, and recycled metals to make each piece a timeless work of art. The line is inspired by a love of travel, vintage photographs, road trips, surf trips, the American southwest and having a free-spirited open mind.


smoke x mirrors:

Smoke X Mirrors is a brand of eyewear created in New York and handcrafted in France. It approaches eyewear as a means of fashion innovation that experiments in play of the endless possibilities of styles. The sunglasses are a reflection of the cultural influences that inspire the designers. Smoke X Mirrors creates radically diverse collections that adhere to no set identity, but only a commitment to thoughtful, functional and lasting aesthetics.



Sankalpa was created by Victoria Larkins to offer a ritual by which we set intention and live it in each moment. Each simple jewelry is designed to serve as a reminder for our intention so that we may live it fully. The resources to create these necklaces are ethically sourced and 100% handmade in Colorado.


By Erika Elizabeth:

By Erika Elizabeth adaptogenic elixirs, created by holistic nutritionist Erika Elizabeth, bring your energy into balance, stabilize your nervous system and build up your body’s resiliency to stress. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that work in collaboration with your nervous system to adapt to perceived stress. These adaptogenic elixirs can be added to your morning coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or even baked goods. The mission of By Erika Elizabeth is to offer you the tools to support you in embodying your potential and living out your radiance.