Here’s a little bit about us.


Laura’s Boutique is so much more than woman’s clothing. Our goal is to help women confidently curate a life of empowerment.

At Laura’s, we value compassion, we value drive, we value humor, and we value inclusivity. This is what Laura’s was built on. It’s who we are. We are here to help you find that next ‘OMG I LOVE IT’ piece that brings out the humble badass that’s been patiently waiting to come out. Now, badass doesn’t always have to mean killer tattoos and a vintage motorcycle, (although it can), to us it means that every woman is a confident, kick-ass super woman – a true force to be reckoned with. Our styles are classic with a touch of edge. Everything we buy is meticulously chosen and sourced from a variety of designers who share our values rooted in empowerment and sustainability because it’s the collective us that drives this mentality.

At Laura’s we practice love and gratitude every day. Gratitude for our fortune, our friends, our community and so so so much more.